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In the (Halloween) Window: The Birds of Marc Jacobs

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It's that time of the year again?when stores around the city prep for Halloween by transitioning their windows from what's most attractive to what's scariest. All this week we'll be peeking at ghoulish displays of boutiques of Bleecker Street. Next up, Marc by Marc Jacobs pays tribute to Hitchcock.

Here's perhaps the laziest way (that totally works) for a store to get in the Halloween spirit: just fill the normal window display with an abundance of freaky stuff, like black birds reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. Of course, a classic movie reference is highly recommended.

This is exactly what the women's Marc by Marc Jacobs store is sporting this week, with their flock of nicely realistic-looking birds flooding a Bang! fragrance display.

And now here's an idea for next year: Edwards Scissorhands. You know the haunting close-ups of Johnny Depp's scissor fingers in the film? Yea, just fill a window (that customers definitely get into) with vintage scissor mash-ups. Get on it, Marc Jacobs.
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