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Eyebeam's Fashion and Music Project Makes Us Want to Be Teenagers

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Chelsea-based art-meets-tech center Eyebeam and resident David Jimison (who also runs Fever Creative, the people behind the apps and interactive TVs at the blow-out Creators Project over the summer) are about to make some New York City teens very, very happy. Starting at the end of October, they will be running a ten-week long workshop aptly named Build Your Own Music-Making Clothing Line.

With help from indie fashion designers like Ecco Domani winner Siki Im and electronic musician and DJ Travis Thatcher, the sixteen NYC public or home-schooled students will learn to use DIY synthesizers and advanced software programs to create their very own fashion item that also doubles as a musical instrument. This sounds ridiculously fun and makes us want to pump our face full of botox to pull a Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed right now (which would be terribly wrong, of course).

David Jimison, the creative mind behind this project, tells us, "The series will start with an introduction to cultural forms in both music and fashion. It will then move into hands on electronic wiring, computer music programming, and sewing and stitching of fabric. At the end of the 10 sessions, students will perform their pieces at Eyebeam for a live audience."

So where did this idea come from? "Personally, I am obsessed with the runway shows," says David. "The models not only strut, but appear to perform the clothes: tugging fabric, modifying structure, and embodying the attitude. In contrast, music is often overly defined by inherited (acoustic) structures: the piano, guitar, drums, etc. When students are tasked with inventing new instruments they often resort to pre-established forms. My hope is that using fashion as the form to build from will encourage new thinking about what musical instruments do."

Applications for the program are due this Friday, so if you know any aspiring musically inclined fashionistas/os between the age of 14 and 18, spread the news ASAP. Also, if you're a designer and would like to lend a hand, give Eyebeam a shout, too. The workshop runs every Thursday from Oct. 28th through January 27th and is fabulously free-of-charge for the teens. We don't suppose they'd make this for adults—we'd totally pay for it.
· Build Your Own Music-Making Clothing Line Official Site]
· David Jimison [Official Site]


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