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Tourist Loses Alligator Heads from Evolution Store on D Train

Image via <a href="">ideonexus</a>/Flickr
Image via ideonexus/Flickr

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There are many reasons to love The Evolution Store in Soho, particularly if you are a fan of the whole haunted-mustache-Victorian-taxidermy-chic thing, but this story may top the list. Yesterday morning, a Canadian tourist who left her Evolution Store shopping bag of preserved animal parts on the D train wrote in to the New York Times's City Room blog with a plaintive request:

Hi there, I was on the D train last night and lost my bags containing two preserved alligator heads, three small animal skulls, an antique lock, a record, and three cd’s. I’m pretty devastated, if you have any info please email Thank you
When contacted by the paper, she explained that she's a student majoring in underwater construction (of course) who was in Soho buying Christmas presents for her family (obviously). How come nobody ever gets us lacquered animal heads for the holidays?
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The Evolution Store

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