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The Hands-Down Flooziest Halloween Costumes at Ricky's

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The Ricky's Halloween website is such a treasure trove of crazy that we didn't think we could tackle it in just one post. As such, please welcome It Came From Ricky's, a new and highly seasonal feature.

We already scoured the Ricky's site for those seeking the perfectly tasteless couple's costumes, but we don't want to leave out all the single ladies and men. Of course, finding ridiculous "sexy" Halloween costumes is like shooting fish in a barrel. (In fact, there's probably a party store somewhere in this city selling a Sexy Barrel Full of Fish costume.) So we went a step further. Ladies and gentlemen, please enjoy this slideshow of the eleven sluttiest costumes currently sold at Ricky's. After all, once you start getting "Aren't you a little old to be trick-or-treating?" there is only one option left: Ho. It. Up.—Rachel Traub
Ricky's Halloween [Official Site]


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