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MTV Promises Complete Accuracy in Jersey Shore Costumes

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Forget about using that hot glue gun to attach Fruit Loops to a Katy Perry bra. This Halloween, everyone is snapping up outfits to look like DJ Pauly D and his crew of friends, and the ridiculous styles have become this year's top seller. Halloween stores have been scrambling to restock the famous MTV personalities' costumes, which feature hard "Situation" six-pack abs with a pulled up t-shirt and a leopard print dress with a poof-topped wig for Snooki wannabes.

Ladies, make sure you launder some clean undergarments after that gym and tanning, though—MTV execs seem to want you to participate in Snooki's favorite pastime of wardrobe malfunctioning, too.

In an effort to make the Jersey Shore costumes as realistic as possible, Viacom Inc. executives scrutinized the length of Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's skirt—very short—and the height of her poof wig—very high—to ensure the utmost accuracy. The Snooki costume includes a metallic leopard-print dress that is barely longer than a shirt.
"When you look at what Snooki wears on the show, sometimes there are some wardrobe malfunctions because of how short she likes her dresses," says Sherice Torres, senior vice president for MTV Networks Global Home Entertainment and Adult Brand Licensing. "We needed the costume to be representative."Yep, you got that right: Someone, somewhere, got paid to debate with a costume manufacturer to make sure that your Halloween costume accurately represents Snooki's actual so-short-your-private-parts-will-show wardrobe. So much for the long-lost art of putting something black and revealing on and dressing as a slutty kitten.
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