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Seriously Gap, Stop Messing With Us: Pierre Hardy Still Not in Stores

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After much confusion and speculation, we really thought the Pierre Hardy x Gap drama was about to come to a close, but turns out, the emotional roller coaster just keeps on going. Along with another slightly desperate looking shopper, we waited outside the Fifth Avenue store this morning for the launch of the black wedge and the mainline killer platform lace-ups, but we were sorely disappointed as the shoes are not available yet.

Staffers, while nice, seemed unaware of the gravity of this situation—isn't there at least one staffer who reads a fashion blog? After calling around, they told us that the shoes arrived last night, but "have not been processed yet." They might be on the floor come tomorrow or "later this week", but they wouldn't confirm an exact date. Also, they only ordered eight of each style (we can just feel the desperation peaking). So, so evil.

On the bright, but still somewhat speculative side, the staffer at first said there will be four styles (what?!). She then changed her answer to a not-so-confident three, but couldn't really say which the styles. So, either there's a slight chance that either the duck boot or the sea foam green wedge will make an appearance before December, or the staffer was just making stuff up. Who knows at this point?

The situation at the 34th Street and Times Square stores are even less clear and even more clueless. Seriously, just one fashion blog, please. Responses from both stores regarding the "Peter Harvey" shoes were "no, we don't have them" and "no, we don't know when we'll get them in." After some badgering, the Time Square store predicted "next week" and then 34th Street said "Just call on Thursday, sweetie".

Sounds like Fifth Avenue may be the most informed, but the other two stores may be the dark horses to try since the masses will be fighting over 32 or 24 pairs of shoes at that outpost come tomorrow (or Thursday or next week, who knows). The best thing to do is to put all three phone numbers on speed dial and start dialing away tomorrow morning. So Gap, if your goal was to create mass hysteria over these shoes, congratulations, it worked. Now just bring us the damn shoes already.
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