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Good Deed for the Day: Help This Grandmother Plan a Shopping Trip

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Not long ago, we received a pretty adorable note from a woman planning a trip to New York next spring. She's coming with her pre-teen granddaughter, she doesn't know the city that well, and she wants to know what stores to visit. Here's the full email:

I am taking my 12-year-old granddaughter to NYC in June 2011. She wants to shop! Where can I take her, in the Manhattan to Wall Street areas, for good bargains on good quality merchandise?
Our first thought was Betsey Johnson—not to buy anything, necessarily, just to have fun among all the hot pink and ruffles. But while Betsey is tween paradise, she's also definitely not anywhere near a bargain. The Forever 21 in Times Square, on the other hand, would probably be fun for a kid—but we can't bring ourselves to actually endorse it, and in any case, "good quality" it's not.

Since it's Friday, we figured we'd put the question to you. If you were twelve, where would you want to shop?
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