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Eight Absurd Halloween Costumes for Couples

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The Ricky's Halloween website is such a treasure trove of crazy that we didn't think we could tackle it in just one post. As such, please welcome It Came From Ricky's, a new and highly seasonal feature.

If you and your significant other are sick and tired of being Bill and Monica Lewinsky for the past fifteen Halloweens but can't come up with anything original, look no further than the Ricky's costume superstore. Besides the obligatory Jersey Shore and Avatar costumes, Ricky's truly redefines his-and-hers Halloween dressing. These are the kind of costumes where "slutty" can be tagged on to the most unexpected person or even inanimate object, like the slutty M&M (melts in your...oh, man, we don't even know how to finish that sentence). Even the names are truly inspired: Pocahontas sounds drab, but "Pocahottie"? Smokin'!

Courtesy of the people who bring you false glitter eyelashes in every color of the rainbow, here is a list of some of the most offensive and ridiculous couple costumes currently available in NYC.—Rachel Traub
· Ricky's Halloween [Official Site]