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New Real Estate Deal to Bring Joie to the Upper East Side

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You probably know Joie even if you think you don't—they're one of those casual, basic-heavy brands that populate Saks and Bloomingdale's and Shopbop. The company is headquartered in LA and has a location in Paris, but according to The Real Deal, they've never had a US store—until now. Joie just signed a lease on a 1,346-square-foot shop at 1200 Madison Avenue between 87th and 88th Street, not far from the Guggenheim. They were attracted to the spot not just because of the foot traffic, but also because there is probably a Joie cardigan or pair of cargo pants hanging in the closet of every woman on the Upper East Side. Look for the store to open—and blend seamlessly into the neighborhood—sometime next spring.
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1200 Madison Avenue, New York NY