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If You've Just Won The Powerball, This Will Be Your New Favorite Store

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Image via Refinery 29

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There are a lot of phrases thrown around when times are tough, and money's tight. Interactive luxury boutique, however, is not usually one of them.

Created by Orianne Collins, the OC Concept Store is just one block into the Upper East Side, but has enough wild decadence to cover the entire upper '60s. Collins' concept for the store is "discovering and delivering on your dreams is what life is all about", and while the discovery portion is something we can certainly get behind, the delivery aspect might be somewhat more difficult.

The shop is like a 3,400 square foot box of everything a person would buy if they had just won the lottery. Yesterday. Filled with high-end men's accessories, jewelry, art and other items by Armani/Casa, Audemars, Chopard and Phillip Cramer, the shop not only sells extravagant goods worth perusing through, but also features a VIP concierge and, of course, a champagne and caviar bar.

There aren't too many shops in New York specializing on the exciting combination of Fashion's Night Out's in-store drinks-and-nibbles all year long, and munching on a cracker full of fish roe while looking at shiny baubles makes us want to take one of everything and just deal with it later. After all, who needs to open a catalogue, visit the Diamond District or hire a real estate broker when you can create your own yachts, watches and chalets on the shop's hologram screens?

If the discovery and delivery of your dreams involves something less costly, the OC Concept Shop still seems with a visit. In the end, it's probably be the only spot in the entire borough where your on-trend vintage fur coat won't get stares from passersby.
· OC Concept Store [Official Website]

OC Concept Store

655 Madison Avenue New York