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Not Much French Connection at the French Connection Sale

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It's been awhile since we've physically dropped into a Clothingline sale, and sadly, today was not the best day for a revisit. We stopped by specifically to check out French Connection, advertised as up to 65% off "trendy jeans and tops." A pretty accurate phrase as the only French Connection items in the house were a paltry selection of jeans ($50 for one pair and $80 for two) and some baby tees (overpriced at $20 for one and $30 for two) with "FCUK like Bunnies" logos on them. Seriously?

Later as we walked out, we discovered that this was a multi-designer sale featuring, amongst others, Free People (at 70% off fall prices, e.g. a chambray peasant shirt for $32.40 from $108), Vakko, some very spring and summery looking Milly (full price list in photos), and a small rack of Lewis Cho (there were a few silk patterned tops that were cute for $41). Honestly, overall everything looked really past season (like you could totally wear it to the beach—last year, past season) and the sparse layout of the racks, mixed with the dim fluorescent lighting, wasn't very zen.

There was one bargain highlight: a supposedly Vakko (but we can't be sure because the tags were all cut out, what?) black leather and spandex panel mini-dress. This is a conditional stamp of approval, since we'd have to see it on—and we weren't really emotionally prepared to squeeze into the snug dress ourselves—but it looked OK on the racks, especially for $49.

So that's it, folks! Unless you're really jonesing for an inappropriate double entendre message shirt for $20, then we suggest skipping this one.
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