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Average New Yorkers Baffled, Amused by $500 Rodarte Socks

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The New York Post wandered around Manhattan with a pair of Rodarte's hand-crocheted socks asking people what they thought of the high-end foot-warmer trend. And it's definitely a trend, by the way: The Rodartes sell for $500 at Opening Ceremony, but stores are also stocking Pendleton socks for $170, Rachel Comey socks (in leather, no less!) for $220, and Prada socks for $155. At Bergdorf Goodman, $125 Marcoliani socks sold out in just over two weeks.

So what does the typical (wo)man on the street think about all this? Choice quotes from the people interviewed by the Post include "Who would wear socks you can't wash?" and "When my socks have holes in them, I throw them away." Brooklynite Christa Hylton delivers a full-fledged rant while pointing out the socks' many flaws: "This? Is retarded. OK, first of all, your toes are going to go through. Hello? Hello? Very uncomfortable! Also this is going to rub, and you're going to get dirty through here, and...really? $500? Who makes these?"

· Getting 'hosed' [NYP]

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