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What It's Like to Wear Jeggings: One Man's Story

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We asked Joshua David Stein to wear men's jeggings for a day and report back. These are his findings.

Photos by Erin Spector

Uniqlo recently introduced men's legging jeans. Proper terminology is yet to be determined but majeggings seems appropriate to me. Yesterday I went to Uniqlo in Soho, already a surreal place (It's like a Tetris game made out of cashmere), and asked an employee to "Take me to the men's leggings, please." Amazingly, he did, for such a place existed.

Up the stairs and past the plaid workshirts, there are majeggings. Majeggings come in three colors: Olive, black and grey. All are 100% cotton. Majeggings look like jeans from afar and sweatpants from up close. I chose majeggings in both black and olive and took them to the dressing room. I bought olive.

First of all, what do majeggings look like? Majeggings look like skinny jeans, although it must be said, my majeggings were unusually long and, unlike leggings normale, are rather loose at the ankles. They're not too different in appearance from APC jeans, my usual pant of choice. Up close of course, the majegging reveals its true nature. These are sweatpants by another name.

Second of all, how do majeggings feel? Majeggings feel great. I love them. I love wearing them. It's like not wearing pants. I hate pants. Majeggings are very thin. In addition, I also have very large thighs so skinny jeans have always been hell on my quads. The price to pay for style was cramping. Majeggings did not cramp my thigh style. Rather, I felt agile in them, like a cat wearing tights on a hot tin roof.

Also, I'm constantly thinking of self-defense. I have no idea why. I've never been mugged. But whenever I wear skinny jeans, I think how compromised I'd be if I got into a fight because mobility is so restricted. Majeggings. I think, are the perfect pants to wear while being mugged or otherwise entering into a physical confrontation. Front kicks, fan kicks, roundhouses (not to mention just running away as fast as you can) are all easy to execute in them.

Now, what are some of the downsides of majeggings? Well, unless there is a sea change in public perception and social mores, having to ask "Take me to your men's leggings" is a somewhat compromising task, psychically and emotionally. Then there is the issue of the penis, which is much more salient than ever before in majeggings. It was, I daresay, a bit obscene and maybe too much. Should I have worn a dance belt, I wondered. I shouldn't have if only because dance belts are uncomfortable and plus, then I'd be wearing majeggings and a dance belt on the street.

I would say the biggest challenge I faced wearing majeggings is how to maintain the integrity of my thigh silhouette as well as my butt silhouette and still manage to carry that holy trinity of quotidian pocket contents: iPhone, wallet and keys. And that's when it occurred to me. The perfect accompaniment and necessary corollary to the majegging is the murse. I look forward to the day when I can walk into Uniqlo and proudly demand, "Take me to your murses!"
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