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American Eagle Outfitters Takes a New Roost in Soho

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American Eagle, long established on Broadway near Prince in Soho, is readying a new nest a bit north at 599 Broadway, where the sidewalk shed has just come down and signage is up out front. The sign features some lovely ladies with lots of long hair and boasts that shopping opportunities at American Eagle Outfitters are "Coming Soon." The Eagle's roost sits right across Broadway from its long-time competition, the aromatic Land of Seasonal Abs (aka Hollister), where beachy types hide out in a building showing a blank face of blacked out windows. It remains to be seen what AE will do with their big windows above Broadway, all refurbished and perfect for showcasing jeans and tees and hoodies and things.

Inside the Eagle emporium, Lois Weiss reports, there will be 20,000 square feet of racks and shelves covering three floors, stretching from Broadway all the way to Mercer. The AE flock has settled in for the next 15 years, under a lease deal worth some $120 million.

Hoping to get a sense of what's to come, we searched around the web looking for nuggets of information. What shoppers will find inside isn't revealed by one buff AE employee who aims to "cure the bored" by blogging. He proclaims via "Ask a guy who works at American Eagle in Soho, NYC anything" that AE employees get a 40% discount and the original Soho store is the only outlet that meets its monthly quota (so starting wages there are higher than at any other AE on the planet). Plus he works out six days a week and throws house parties for AE employees, aspiring to "accomplish multiple hookups." Whether this particular Generican Eagle will be nesting at the new store is, at this point, a mystery. Eagle insider wanna-be's seeking to "Live your life ... LOVE YOUR JOB" might check out Craigslist, where various positions (including "folding the merch") are available at "our new expanded SoHo Location!"
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