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How to Get a YSL Tote Bag for Under $25

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Why wait six months for another Fashion Week and another harried handing out of cheap YSL Manifesto totes when ones?far better ones?can already be had for under $25 on the edge of Bryant Park right now?

Those "in the know" treasure the fashion magazine selection at Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya, and especially so when the seasonal product preview catalogs stream in. Just arrived: the Yves Saint Laurent Beauty catalog, and like many other Japanese fashion mags, it comes with a free gift of a tote.

The black tote with YSL logo and satiny detail is imported, so the whole deal costs just under $25. If you want to stick to that budget, stay away from the other two levels of the store, otherwise you will end up splurging on some of the awesomest, but very unnecessary, items this side of Shibuya.
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Kinokuniya Bookstore

1073 6th Avenue, New York, NY