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TJ Maxx Nearly Ready; Mayor Bloomberg on Project Runway

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KIPS BAY—The TJ Maxx that took over the old Conran shop under the Queensboro bridge is slated to open a week from Sunday, reports the Wall Street Journal. And the neighbors aren't exactly pleased. The manager of the catering hall next door complained to the paper about the store's signage, saying, "A trashy looking billboard isn't going to make them many friends in this community. It's more appropriate for a mall, not this neighborhood." Local boutique owners, meanwhile, worry that they'll be edged out once the store opens on October 24. [Previously; WSJ]

LIFETIME—Mayor Bloomberg was a guest on Project Runway last night. He told designers to "make it work," which was cute, but not as cute as Swatch the Mood dog's ninja costume. [Racked National]

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