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Guys: Prepare Yourselves for Another Blockbuster Gant Sale

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We hit the tail-end of Gant's sample sale preview yesterday—the sale opened at 8:30 this morning to the general public—and like the spring edition we really must insist you stop in. There's so much to see we decided to split up our menswear and womenswear reports. Ladies: Stay tuned for your edition. Men: Read on.

If you're looking for hip young things from the Gant Rugger or Gant by Michael Bastian lines, well, the VIPs cleaned out a lot of that stuff yesterday. There's a smattering left on two separate racks—a great pair of slim orange cords, a few printed button-downs, some heavy-knit Old Man and the Sea sweaters, a classic canvas military jacket—but we presume they'll be gone by lunch. That said, Gant's main line is still very well represented, colorful—and cheap!

How cheap? Check the gallery for a full price list, but here's a sampling: Shirting tops out at $29, cashmere sweaters are $45, bottoms are $25 across the board, and blazers and light jackets are $95. So, same as last time and still great.

The room is divided in half with mediums on one side and larges on the other—yes, these are samples, but it's Gant, so sample sizing is a bit more ample. There are a glut of jaunty woven shirts, candy stripes, bold tartans and contrast collars amongst them. Polos and rugbys are striped in knit or pique—and the short sleeved numbers are under $20! Poke around for navy or white versions spangled in embroidered stars. Winter is coming: Find parkas, car coats, woolly blazers, mounds of sweaters (shawl collars, horn buttons, vibrant knit geometrics) and a handful of leather bombers ($195). Bottoms come in all the basic, expected fabrications as well as in purple twill and a bold red tartan. It's a color explosion and you know how we feel about color explosions.

Accessories might be even more fun: American-flag motif pens and boxers-in-a-bag are $10, ties—slim and hip, a big bowl of bowties, traditional Wall Street numbers—are $19, and some really fun socks are $7 a pair. You could get lost in their assortment of scarves ($15). And, frankly, all that is just the beginning.

The sale runs through Friday, credit cards are accepted, and it's on the 11th floor.
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