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Tommy on Bleecker Less Exquisitely Dangerous Than Advertised

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The Tommy Hilfiger boutique on Bleecker Street is a thing of the past. It's been replaced with Tommy, the brand's younger, hipper line, which announced its impending arrival in September with a sign promising to bring "the tiniest undercurrent of exquisite danger" (among other things) to Bleecker and Charles. Sadly, according to the Shophound, it's neither particularly dangerous nor particularly exquisite.

The store's interior has gone from dark and old-fashioned to bright and modern, with office supplies like Post-It notes and rubber bands as design accents. "It's not as bad as it sounds, just, a little... weird," opines the Shophound, who thinks the entire project is an improvement. The new merchandise sounds pleasant—J.Crewish basics at J.Crewish prices—but the lack of price tags sounds highly irritating. It's not that the clothing isn't tagged: It's just marked with notes directing you to the nearest salesperson, which seems awfully inefficient if you're just looking for jeans.
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375 Bleecker Street, New York NY