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Yeohlee Opens the Garment District's First Designer Store

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The Garment District is the Cinderella of fashion in New York, toiling away at producing clothes while its glitzy stepsisters Madison Avenue, MePa, and Soho get to parade around enjoying the glamor associated with high-end retail. It even has a twinkly-eyed fairy godmother, designer and CFDA secretary Yeohlee Teng, who for years has been trying to boost its profile in order to keep behind-the-scenes fashion jobs in New York City. Now, Teng has finally gone and conjured up the retail equivalent of an ice-blue ball gown and a coach made out of a pumpkin: The neighborhood's first designer store.

Located at 25 W. 38th Street, Yeohlee carries Teng's edgy, functional womenswear alongside accessories from brands like the French sneaker company Bensimon. Architect Joerg Schwartz renovated the 1920's façade but decorated the interior with gritty touches that pay homage to the neighborhood, like fitting room curtains made of Tyvek produced in midtown. But it was Teng who added the invisible but crucial finishing touch: She moved her entire operation upstairs, making the building a truly one-stop shop.
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