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Dylan's Candy Bar to the Upper West Side? Plus New Sales Tax

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UPPER WEST SIDE—My Upper West points to a Grub Street story suggesting that Dylan's Candy Bar might open a west side sibling to its Upper East Side Shop. The new store would take over two empty spaces on Amsterdam between 78th and 79th Streets, according to the rumor, although the Dylan's Candy Bar people deny it. Us, we're just happy to write about a food shop that doesn't require us to visit the escort section of, unlike that den of iniquity the Park Slope Food Coop. [My Upper West]

NEW YORK—Clothing and shoes under $110 will cost you 4.375% more today than they did yesterday thanks to New York State, which just brought back the tax four years after the last time it was rescinded. The increase should last through next April, at which point it disappears, but only for everything under $55. Of that 4.375%, by the way, only the four percent goes to the state—the other .375 goes to the MTA, which is going to be a fun thing to contemplate next time your train stops for twenty minutes in a dank stretch of tunnel somewhere underneath midtown. [Brooklyn Paper]

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