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Chanel Samurai Armor; A Marc by Marc Jacobs Rant

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Image via Pink Tentacle]

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JAPAN—Chanel temporary tattoos might make certain fashion types feel tough, but nothing says "I am a hardass and I am fabulous" like a full suit of Chanel-themed samurai armor. Artist Tetsuya Noguchi created the gear—not Chanel—so we assume it's not for sale, but that doesn't make it any less amazing. [Pink Tentacle; Previously]

WEST VILLAGE—Ready for a late Friday rant? Blog Textbook takes a break from planning outfits for historical and literary figures to complain about customer service at the Marc by Marc Jacobs stores. A sample: "It’s like falling into a lion’s den of beautiful people who don’t think their jobs or your time is worth any trouble. I’ve bought a lot of stuff here over the past year but I’m done with it, the store associates are too cliquey for my taste. They hop back and forth between the many Marc by Marc outposts in the West Village and carry on very personal conversations. You can’t help but feel excluded from their special club of affected beautybots." [Textbook]