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New Shop Sloane's Recreated Vintage Hails The Bold And Chic

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Walking into the newly opened Sloane in the old 1929 space on the corner of Mott and Broome, our eyes fluttered from one rejuvenated vintage piece to another. Owner Brian Stanziale and partner Aaron Genuth are keeping the space's retail tradition alive by creating one-of-a-kind and unorthodox pieces intended to make women feel good, not just sexy. For now, the owner says he gets most of his rare originals from friends who drop shirts, dresses and jackets off at the store, or on road trips where the destination is a faraway thrift store, like the one he has planned to Rhode Island soon.

Hung like art around the store are misshapen dresses that exaggerate the hips and waist of the wearer. Many of the pieces were elaborated, embellished cocktail dresses with studded or ruffled additions. We liked a $250 black zipped jumpsuit with gaudy gold buttons and a lovely tailored pair of dress pants with a twist—bright studs erratically running down the front—that went for $125. The price range for dresses ranges from $300 to $700—steep, but you're paying for originality. The menswear, made up of mostly military jackets and coats, is currently sparse, but the pieces we saw were all neatly redesigned to fit the tastes and bodies of new-age men.—Joann Pan
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174 Mott Street, New York, NY