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J.C. Penney Has Gone and Made a Snuggle Suit

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We didn't think it was possible to elaborate further upon the Snuggie, the unholy result of a guy thinking, "Man, I wish this blanket had sleeves," but someone at J.C. Penney must have thought, "Hey, what if we added pants to that!" and thus the Snuggle Suit was born. Clearly future versions will need to have socks and gloves attached.

If you want to combine everything that is wrong with the jumpsuit and the Slanket while retaining none of the benefits of either, the Snuggie Suit is on sale for $24.94 from $60 and comes in black, red, hot pink and "turq surf." Clearly you want it in hot pink. Or the turq surf. We're so torn.
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J.C. Penney

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