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The Line Outside Marc Jacobs Accessories Continues

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When it comes to shopping in New York, there are certain givens. For instance, the Saks after-Christmas discounts will make the store an impossible mess of people or merchandise. Another given is less tied to the season however, and that's the fact that there will most likely be a line outside of the Marc by Marc Jacobs Accessories shop no matter the time of year.

Yesterday evening at 8pm, despite the 15-degree weather and wind, the line above shivered and mumbled while waiting to be granted entrance to the MJ kingdom of $15 plastic pouches. Since we ran an errand there solo?it's easier to admit one than a pack of six Italian tourists?we briefly hopped in to notice everyone shopping as though Christmas was yet tomorrow. One girl bought 25 of the $7 PVC keychains.

Perhaps this could be a lesson for designers who desire more exposure and more easy income; open a souvenir store on Bleecker, where you only sell Made-in-China trinkets with a 500% markup and your logo. Learn from Marc's tricks on making the easy sales:

· Everything in this store is final sale.
· The windows are completely covered so that you can't peek in and scope out the offerings; no window shopping, only inside shopping
· Like during TopShop's first few days, we suspect that the line exists to make the store more visible and appear more popular. Last night, the store was hardly packed, but the line sat and sat and sat in the cold.
· Don't skimp on the products. Make some cute affordable items and then fill the rest of the store with bins of other things to impulse buy, say from a promotional products catalog, only with your logo on it.

On second thought, take this a cautionary tale rather than as a happy example; one of these such shops on Bleecker is enough, thanks.
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