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With The Great Save, Target Embraces Warehouse Club Model

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In terms of innovation and designer collabs, Target had a great 2009. In terms of beating the pants off its competitor Wal-Mart, on the other hand? Not so much. That might be the reason Target has just launched The Great Save, a new warehouse-style sale event that should help remind people that Target is a discount store and not just a fancy friend of the ladies behind Rodarte.

For the sale, all 1,740 of the nation's Targets have turned their seasonal departments into (per WWD) "a no-frills environment with shelving of different heights, bins containing multiple pairs of socks, and bold graphic signs in red, orange and yellow" blaring come-ons about savings. There's also a "treasure hunt" element: Among the housewares, food, and beauty products are hidden occasional designer gems like $25 Ralph Lauren polos.

Target won't comment on whether they're test-driving a bigger warehouse-club concept, but it certainly would make sense. File this one under developing.
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