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Bravo To Debut Kelly Cutrone's Reality Show On February 1

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It's all about girl power, or at least that's what People's Revolution owner Kelly Cutrone wants us to believe about her new reality show, debuting on Bravo at 10pm on February 1st, just in time for the pre-Fashion Week hype. It's being called "Kell on Earth," and it will follow Kelly, her assistants, and all the Type A personalities who produce fashion shows, and create and enliven brands at her company.

So what else can we expect to "learn" about in the show? Oh, just a few of our favorite things: gay men, skorts for men, "fucking fashion week," and who gets to sit in the first three rows at fashion shows.

Although we're quite sure that the actual finished and polished show will have all the swearing bleeped out, we think that doing so will rob Kelly of a little gravitas. The casual cussing helps convey a true sense of the workplace, and adds a sense of New York urgency?even if we're seeing bits of their LA and Paris offices.

So what do you think?will "Kell On Earth" fail or sail? And, what's more, will the show set Cutrone and her cronies (Cutronies?) up as the industry people to spot behind the scenes? Move over, Nina Garcia; the tents are now bursting at the seams with reality show stars.
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· Bravo's 'Kell On Earth,' featuring renowned fashion maven Kelly Cutrone, premieres Monday, February 1 at 10pm ET/PT [The Futon Critic]