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It's still a recession, and we know that because even NFL players with multi-million dollar salaries are struck dumb by shoe prices. This weekend while in the city before playing the Jets, the Bengals' showboating wide receiver Chad Ochocinco took his mom shopping at Christian Louboutin.

Although Ocho is a darling of Louis Vuitton?he regularly gets to go on comped shopping trips at LV?he treated his mom to a little shoe shopping and delivered such nuggets of wisdom as: "Rule #1 don't take your mom out shopping with you, these damn designers are tripping, just give her the credit card n stay home!" and "WTF!! Christian Loubitons- price a ridiculous 4 grand." Those are $4,000 heels you see in his hands above, and this is why we love it when celebrities tweet. [Twitter]

Christian Louboutin

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