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Booties and Boots Flood Gotham Hall at Shoe-Inn Sale

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After Sample Sally first reported from Shoe-Inn's annual shoe sale, we wondered if the stock was wide and varied as it was this weekend. We checked out the sale spot during lunchtime today to find tables full of boots and boxes of heels, wedges and sandals that will keep shoe scavengers busy for hours. The sales staff was very helpful with questions and managed to keep the shoes in boxes, arranged neatly by sizes. As Sally says, there is plenty of room, and still plenty of time—the sale runs until Wednesday—to forage for shoes for any season.

We spotted a promising range of Stuart Weitzman, Michael Kors, and Sam Edelman boots in all sizes off to the sides of the main Gotham Hall venue. In the capacious center, tables full of heels, espadrilles, wedges and sandals line tables carefully marked with different sizes. The day's best finds included Steve Madden leopard-print heeled ankle boots, long black leather Diane Von Furstenberg knee-high boots, L.A.M.B. black ankle stiletto boots, and classic brown wedges from Jessica Simpson. Boots run from $40-$200: $180 for DVF, $180 for Michael Kors, $190 for Marc Jacobs, $130 for Donna Karen, and $40 for Franco Sarto. Shoes run from $20 to $100: $30 for Dolce Vita, $90 for L.A.M.B, $90 for Kate Spade, and $90 for Marc Jacobs.—Joann Pan
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1356 Broadway New York, NY 10018