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Bowery Bazaar Rebranded; Vodka Is the Vintage Shopper's Friend

Image via EV Grieve
Image via EV Grieve

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THE BOWERY—What's going on with the retail space at 52 East 4th Street? It used to be a flea market called the Bowery Bazaar, but now it's being rebranded as Boutiques on the Bowery, "an assembly of 36 hip new designer and artisans displaying women's clothing, dresses, sweaters, men's suites, hats, scarves, vintage and new Jewelry." Which sounds a lot like the Bowery Bazaar, only this time there's a Brazilian coffee shop and a jaunty clip-art shopper in the logo. [EV Grieve; Previously]

ONLINE—First, blogger Doanie posted about how Mad Men costume designer Janie Bryant removes the funk from vintage clothing with a delightful-sounding vodka spray. Then, two of Doanie's friends announced that they actually know Janie Bryant and that they found her impossible to work for (only they put it a bit stronger than that). We can't attest to their complaints, but we do believe this is the first time we've ever seen anyone say anything remotely negative about Mad Men's costume design. [Doanie]

52 East 4th Street, New York, NY