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Selima Brings Cult Eyewear Collection Cutler and Gross to Bond

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Last night we braved the cold and hit Bond St.'s enclave of creative retail to check out the newly popped Cutler and Gross shop in Bond 07 By Selima. For the uninitiated, Cutler and Gross is a line of exceptionally sturdy, vintage-inspired British eyewear—the type of brand that inspires a repeat—and sometimes rabid—customer base. That could be the reason the store nearly sold-out before the pop-up officially opened—but not to worry, they were able to restock will continue prominently featuring the collection for the next three months. Another classic pop-up shop test: if the line continues to sell well a New York City Cutler and Gross boutique may be on the horizon.

The frames are definitely not conservative. On the larger side, they are beautifully proportioned and come in a pretty stunning array of colored plastics and tortoiseshells ranging from the loveliest natural browns to saturated shades of grass green and royal purple. At about $425—they're not a bargain, but you can feel the sturdiness and heft of the frames as soon as you grab them. The materials are of the utmost quality and each adorable detail—star- and gear-topped screws, squared-off grommets, golden pins—is functional. A smartly laid out book on the brand celebrates its 40th anniversary ($50); it includes interviews and photographs of various boldfaced names donning Cutler and Gross in magazines, film and on the street.

If Cutler and Gross prices seem steep there is, of course, ample Selima Optique eyewear. The French-made, New York-designed collection also comes in some pretty fantastic colors—the canary yellow tortoiseshell was incredible if difficult to wear—and starts at a slightly softer $300. And, look for a selection of very high-end resale frames from Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Gucci and others on the front table. At 50% off marked prices you can score very recent, pretty fabulous sets for around $250.
· Cutler and Gross [Official Site]
· Selima Optique [Official Site]

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