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A Very Spartan Sale from Slow and Steady Wins the Race

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The avant garde art-meets-fashion label Slow and Steady Wins the Race sample sale began today at noon in a nondescript fourth floor Chinatown walk-up (emphasis on the fourth floor and walk-up). The handful of clothing items available are sparsely displayed on racks, with additional sizes and styles in bins. Examples include a white crocheted lace t-shirt for $60, short-sleeved cashmere fitted Mary Ping sweater-dresses in black and camel for $80, and a silk cream t-shirt (also in linen and mesh styles) for $40. We were a bit tempted by three styles of Mary Ping cashmere black leggings for $55.

As for shoes, the very novel waterproof satin-like round toe pumps are available in khaki for $45 and the white canvas pumps are $40. If you're a sample size 39 or 40, there are a selection of Scorah Pattullo booties, shoes and sandals ranging from $120 to $180. We would have been all over the large, $300 Birkin-esque black tote (also in available in red) if it was half that price, even though the bag was originally $1,150. There are also funky geometric sunglasses on sale for $45.

Prices aren't marked, so you have to ask the staffers for pricing on each item. The bathroom is a makeshift fitting room for shoppers. Cash and credit are accepted, but staffers were taking shoppers' credit and address info to run the cards later, so be forewarned.
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179 Canal St, New York, NY