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Episode 8: Expert Reunion on Part 1 of the Season Finale

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How very cruel of you, Bravo. Launch My Line was really just getting interesting again after those sad and empty weeks without Kevin and Marilyn and you go and split up the season finale. Two hours, two Wednesdays—we can’t wait. Last night’s chunk saw the final three—Merle, Kathy and Eric—begin the process of completing and refining their full collections before the grand, final showing that will determine exactly whose line will be launched.

Their work is cut out for them; each team must create three brand new looks: an evening gown, a ruffled piece, and another with unconventional pockets. They must also revisit their existing pieces—refining the middlers and replacing the most hated with new looks that still fulfill that week’s various challenges. A very tall order even with the help of returning experts who relished the opportunity to select which team they wanted to work on. Jim and Roberto flocked to Kathy; Coco and Tressa chose Merle; and Eric got the leftovers leaving him feeling like last picked in a middle school dodge ball game.

Merle’s team meshed beautifully and by the end of the hour the foursome were sitting around congratulating themselves with the collection as their backdrop. Eric’s team didn't gel as perfectly—he has seriously become as demanding and difficult as Karl Lagerfeld and wanting complete control over everything—especially in terms of their hideous serpentine evening ensemble. But, Team Eric was running out of both time and fabric. Ditto Team Kathy whose teammates were not working as well together and had forsaken completing anything in favor of over-working their red ruffle dress into a really mediocre point of major contention.

And now, another top ten moments, these from the season finale, part 1:

10.) Oh Merle, we really do love you, but the video portrait of you and Thai posing in the season recap was so hilariously awkward we were uncomfortable. It was very Liz Lemon filming promos for her never-realized talk show.

9.) And Merle, for voicing the secret dialog running through every fashion writer’s brain: 'I've always wanted to do this and I think I'm doing it very well;" “Winning is very important because fashion is my whole life, now I know what I want to do in the next phase of my career, because I really want to do this.”

8.) Kathy: “I didn't even know how to cut fabric, and I'm making couture gowns!” Is there anyone in the world who actually knows what couture means?

7.) Thai's crazy, '80s, paint-splotchy floral blazer in pastel blues and yellows was so good! We were getting a Pegleg NYC or Jeremy Scott vibe but it’s probably just thrifted Ann Taylor.

6.) Oh, the jabs at Eric were neither few nor far between. Merle: “I would've dropped Eric's line, but I would've dropped it a long time ago because I think it's tacky." Coco: ”I didn't choose Eric because I'm afraid of his chiffon.” Merle again: “Very, very flamboyant. Naked. Bimbo. Sexual. ”

5.) Eric disagrees: "Our girl is always classy and sexy!" Gallina’s two cents: "No, there is nothing that is ever too short for Eric's girl.“ Yes, classy, couldn't think of a better word ourselves.

4.) Anyone else think it was hilarious to see a fashion designer drinking a Mug root beer out of a can?

3.) Roberto is the craziest bitch. Dude came out wearing handmade “couture” opera gloves in a “healing” shade of hospital scrubs green and proceeded to declare: “My hands are a little bit lethal because everything they touch becomes couture, I'm the fashion doctor.” Meanwhile Jim has completely stopped trying to mask his clear anti-Roberto stance.

2.) Kathy’s “girl wears a lot of gowns!” Her ten piece collection includes four gowns. She wants a fifth. More gowns! Everybody in gowns! Gowns, gowns, gowns! Exactly what the woman who shops no-name reality show designer collections on a discount website is looking for.

1.) Merle is so on point: “Is Tom Ford here to save the day?” Oh, if only Tom Ford was here to save our every day.

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