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Etsy Sellers Kind of Mad About Millinery

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Images via Etsy

There are a lot of reasons we are envious of Tavi: She's a fashion darling, she sits front-row at couture shows, she can still go trick-or-treating and order off the kids' menu ... but today we're mostly envious because Dior milliner Stephen Jones has never given us a crazy hat, not even once. We went over to Etsy to assuage our feelings of neglect, and it turns out there are a lot of hats over there. Take a look at this sampling of The Hats of Etsy:

1.) Beatrice: Holy Schiaparelli, this bee-festooned hat is strictly for the fearless or insane. The "hive" is basket-woven raw silk, and the little bees are attached by wires so it will look like they are flying around your head. Also, it is called "Beatrice." We wonder if we'd be brave enough to wear it, but we're not sure. We wish we had the guts and the money to wear this everywhere. It's $1500 by Katie Burley.

2.) Bird Clip, Black Perch beret, and Black and Gold Baby Beret: Rachel Black Millinery had toppers for all levels of crazypants. We love the architectural spire on the Black and Gold Baby Beret, which is a hand-blocked black mini hat covered in a gold windowpane fiber with jersey and silk organdie flowers for $120.

The micro perch beret has a sculpted bow that kind of looks like a heart. Also, you can rest assured that everyone will be able to see right through it if you happen to be sitting in front of them during fashion week. It's $35 and also available in magenta. The little semi-abstract Bird Clip can be attached to a barrette or headband and is just $7.

3.) Blue and Silver Spiky Sinamay Fascinator, and Green and Pink Headband: Couture Hats by Beth has a couple workable hats, presumably made by someone named Beth. The spiky leaves on the blue and silver one have some great chaos and height, $240, but we couldn't ignore the big pink bow on the headband, $260.

4.) Black Beauty Couture Hat, Lovely Feather Bridal Fascinator: Small hats and big headbands are not so outré lately, so if you want to be "the person in the hat," you might need to go for a real, honest-to-goodness full-size hat like the Black Beauty, $625, by emilliner. But OK, we're ready to admit that hats are advanced theory, so maybe stick with the big headband. The Lovely Feather fascinator, $165, has three feathers cut to assertive little points. It's intended for brides, but without the veil it could work for any occasion where one happened to want spears made out of feathers on their head.
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