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Roseanne and the Last Time We Wore Acid Wash Cutoffs

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A new kinda fashion blog has popped up on Tumblr. It's called Third and Delaware, and if those cross streets sounds familiar you know them from the Connor house on TV's Roseanne. The site celebrates the it-doesn't-matter-if-you're-actually-poor-because-everyone's-dressing-to-look-poor-anyway aesthetic of poor people in the Midwest in the '90s—specifically, what the cast of the show wore from episode to episode. Behold early instances of graphic tees under waistcoats, Etsy-ready DIY patchwork denim, sweaters as crazy as Cosby's, and Roseanne as Prince in one of the best costumes of our time. Ugh, the '90s—how we miss thee. [Third and Delaware]