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Patrick McDonald, Launch My Line's Resident Dandy, on the Show, His Career and Fashion Week

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Just in from visiting friends in California and assisting red carpet-walkers dress for the Golden Globes, Patrick McDonald took the time to chat with us over the phone on Monday afternoon. Warm and dry inside the East Village's Life Café—despite the gusting January rain—the very gracious and very talkative Launch My Line (and Street Scenes) alum and New York fashion fixture reflected on his weeks on Bravo's freshman fashion reality show, what he's doing next, his famous chapeaux, human vinaigrettes, and February's looming Fashion Week. Though McDonald was eliminated the week before last and won't be featured in tonight's episode (we still haven't gotten over it), we do have Merle's one-liners to look forward to. So tune in and root for her; it's on at 10pm.

How did you manage to stay so polite and controlled during some of the high-drama moments? Roberto's sign-destroying meltdown comes to mind.

There were a few times—you probably saw—where I was just, like, a little more stern; a little bit more absolutely not; that type of thing. I've always been that levelheaded kind of guy. I was more in shock it. It was jarring—time is winding down and my hat’s flying on the floor, like omigod, it was jarring. But we worked it all out, he came up to apologize. I told him to curb his anger, but you know what we worked it all out—he says he's born on a volcano. Oh, get over it!

Speaking of Roberto, how is he? Are you two in touch?

No, I don't talk to him. He lives in California, I live here, we have our own lives. I will always wish him the best, but it wasn't a life long friendship, a bonded friendship. If I ran into him—definitely be polite to each other, but we're obviously two different people; like oil and water. And we tried to do a vinaigrette, but we're still oil and water.

How did you feel about the other contestants— any new lifelong friends? Anyone you see yourself seeing again or working with again?

I have to say that when I walked off the show, I did, absolutely. There were some wonderful people on the show, it was so interesting to get to know the cast, the crew was amazing. There are other cast mates I know I'll see. Kathy, the jewelry designer was an amazing person; Emil. I mean, we all have our qualities. It was great to be put together with a group of people, we're all so different, and, you know what? I enjoyed it, I look back at it with fond memories. It was good.

So, what's next for you? Any new career opportunities?

Not yet but getting a lot of positive feedback; a lot of people saying they like what we did on the show.

What are you working on?

I'm doing some little projects: I'm working with Kimberly McDonald, a wonderful jewelry designer; I'm kind of working on a little book project I've always wanted to do—the escapades of a dandy in New York. You know, time will tell, I'm up for a lot of different things I do want to make a trip to Paris, I love Paris and I haven't been there for a year and a half—I love to go to soak up the city, and, well, gosh—Fashion Week is coming up in New York. I'm getting all my chapeaux and my ensembles together. You know, a dandy has to!

We’re gearing up for Fashion Week as well, what are you excited about this season?

It's going to be interesting this Fashion Week to see how people react to the show. I'm looking forward to seeing the collections that I always see.

Are you planning your outfits? Will everything be new? Anything over-the-top?

I’m getting some fun chapeaux this time, oh yeah—the dandy always needs to. It's my look, I have fun. You know, I dress up every day anyway, it's just fun because I see my fashion friends, and it gives you the opportunity to step it up even a little more and have fun with it. It's respectful, too, to the designers—they're so gracious to bring me to their shows, have me see their collections. And I feel that—not that I owe it to them and I love doing it for myself—but I feel that it's appropriate. Like, when I go to the theater, I dress up. I would never show up in, you know, overalls, could you imagine that? You know, me in a tee shirt, overalls and a baseball cap? No, no!

We are Racked, we have to ask: what are your favorite shops in New York?

I love Paul Smith. And for shoes, Leffot—an amazing shoe store on Christopher St., they have beautiful shoes that no-one else has. IF boutique, I love IF, in Soho. And Bergdorf’s isn't bad either—I like to make a little tour and see what they have.

Us too. A tour is about all we can afford!

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