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What's Old is New, or No?

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Should designers bother innovating when their version of "same old, same old" is already great? Suzy Menkes weighed in on yesterday's Christian Dior Haute Couture show, and it brought more of what she calls, "haute-est of couture." Yet, she says, "for all his genius, Mr. Galliano refuses to ... drag his icons to a new place. This spring/summer collection was more of the same hyper-romantic image of historical prettiness, with an undercurrent of sexuality." Everyone loves Dior couture, and it invariably has the passion to seduce and inspire that Menkes calls for. "Yet," she says. "It would be a fine thing if Mr. Galliano could just once make the starting point of Dior couture not fashion’s sweet memories but a clean sheet of paper on which he writes 2010." [NYT]