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Despite What It Says In Their Windows, Inven.tory Isn't Closing

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This morning we got an email from a reader concerned about a sign in the window of Nolita boutique Inven.tory. "Inventory on Lafayette 'closing' @ 8pm but says they're not going out of biz," she wrote. "Everything up to 80% off."

Given that Inven.tory has garnered nothing but praise since it opened, we found this missive baffling—until we asked Inven.tory what was going on, and they reminded us of the decals that have been in their window for the past couple weeks. One announces "Store closing! (at 8pm tonight)," which happens to be true, since 8pm is their usual closing time. Adds another: "80% off! And we're not going out of business." Despite that clarification, we hear a lot of shoppers have found the signs confusing, so consider this a PSA: Inven.tory is alive and well. Take a deep breath, people; it's going to be alright.

· Just to Clear Things Up? [Inven.tory]


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