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More Debunking of Fashion Week Myths

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Late last week, Fashionista posted an excellent story to debunk the most popular myths about Fashion Week. And now as we here at Racked prep for what will be our sixth season at NYFW, we're remembering a few other common misconceptions about the activity that goes on behind the white tarps of the tents in Bryant Park.

As a continuation of Fashionista's list, we present a few more Fashion Week myths, debunked!

· MYTH: Fashion people in the tents don't eat, or only give in to the occasional salad and Diet Coke/coffee.
The truth is that of course fashion people eat, but you won't always see it because everyone is so darned rushed around, that bites of food happen sporadically and quickly. The catering table from Bryant Park's 'wichcraft offers a few options you can buy, but they are small and mostly salads, so that explains the salad idea. In the back, you'll find models scarfing McDs snack wraps or Pop Burgers, but the important people usually keep the bingeing to the privacy of their hired cars.
Racked team tip: Head directly across the street to the Japanese Kinokuniya bookstore. They have an excellent little cafe on the second floor, overlooking the action.

· MYTH: No one dares wear jeans in the front row of a fashion show
Yeah, right! Not only does everyone wish they were in denim, but a good amount play the rockstar card and trot out their holiest (full of holes, not pope-blessed) pair for the show. Check our gallery above for some of our own observations, including Sean Lennon wearing jeans to the threeASFOUR show last season, where his mom Yoko was a co-designer.
Racked team tip: Go for jeans if you're comfortable in them. We dress them up with a button-down fitted blouse, chunky-heeled booties, a statement necklace, and a kickass leather jacket.

· MYTH: There are no children allowed in the tents
There are more kids behind the scenes and in the audience than just Tavi. And we're not talking just at kid-friendly fashion shows like Christian Siriano or Baby Phat. We've seen moms with tickets sneaking in their daughters and then standing them in the aisle, baby burgeoning bloggers in their best matching skirt and headband combos, and kids even working it on the runway.
Racked team tip: Say hi, play nice. They could be your boss one day, and they'll likely be the next Vogue fascination soon enough.

· MYTH: Those invited to fashion shows have plus-one guest invites
Everyone wants to see a fashion show; why not? But the crowds of nattily-dressed beggars at the door looking for extra invites will leave empty-handed. Celebrity guests and the occasional lucky insider will get space to bring a friend or colleague, but you can bet they've got a list of their friends calling dibs on it. And as we've found out too many times to count, just because you have an invite doesn't mean you'll even get in to see the show.
Racked team tip: Take initiative, but not in a pesky hanger-on way. Start your own fashion blog and share your unique insights, and we're not talking a taking-pictures-of-your-outfits website. That's been done now. Hard work and honesty gets rewarded.

· MYTH: Models are all perfect beings who don't smile on the catwalk
Au contraire! Some designers, like Anna Sui, direct her models to look like they're enjoying the show; they smile, they put a spring in their step, and they aren't afraid of looking goofy. Likewise, some shows go for anti-pretty when booking models, depending on the feel of their collection. You may see generic faces, older women peppered in, or even girl-next-door like with what Norma Kamali did last season.

· MYTH: There are no fashion victims during Fashion Week; everyone is flawless
You'd be surprised the characters that make the Bryant Park tents their home for a week. Occasionally?especially around the higher profile shows?the tents could be mistaken for circus tents. In our gallery above, you can see the half-lizard, half-blazer and Prada shoe-wearing man! Yes, that's a man. Check out a few more here.

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