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Forget Obama: Now Weatherproof Wants Sarah Palin on Its Billboard

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Image via <a href="">Carl MiKoy</a>/Flickr
Image via Carl MiKoy/Flickr

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Not long ago, Weatherproof caused a fuss by installing a billboard in Times Square featuring an unauthorized photo of Barack Obama. They almost immediately promised to take it down, but over two weeks have passed and our president is still shilling coats above a Red Lobster. Not only that, but he's developed company: AMC bought the next billboard over and installed a parody advertising its meth drama Breaking Bad (tagline: "YouGotNoProof).

Weatherproof says they'll finally take their ad down on Wednesday, adding that they've asked Sarah Palin to star in a replacement billboard. It's not the worst idea. A good Weatherproof spokesmodel really only needs two areas of expertise: Dressing for bad weather, and attracting media attention. Regardless of your politics, you have to admit Alaska's former governor has experience with both.
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