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Vintage on Atlantic; American Apparel Explains Nail Polish Recall

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Image via <a href="">Refinery29</a>
Image via Refinery29

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BOERUM HILL—Refinery29 is very excited about their latest vintage discovery: Mafalda, which just took over the old Sir space on Atlantic Avenue between Hoyt and Bond. Why? "Thanks to owner Christina Kolbe (a former model and buyer at Steven Alan), the store's spare but spectacular stock really allows her singular pieces to shine; in particular, a Thierry Mugler jacket and an exquisite Mexican wedding dress from the '50s, which—with good reason—she's hesitant to sell." Click through for an interview with Christina. [Refinery29]

EVERYWHERE—American Apparel responded to this morning's story about a recall of their new nail polish line. Quoth their PR: "After receiving a few reports of bottles breaking, we made the internal decision to do a voluntary recall of the bottles on both a retail and public level."

We chose this small US manufacturer to produce our nail polish because we support their business model and have a fondness for family who runs it. However, one of the realities of all manufacturing is first-run glitches. We worked all last week with the manufacturer to make the improvements necessary for the second run. Another reason we sought out a US-based company is so we would be able make changes and now, we can investigate what went wrong as quickly as possible. We still believe in the factory we're working with and the new polish will be in stores within the next two weeks.
We will offer or a $10 giftcard for anyone who brings in a unit from the original run or a receipt.
On another note, one thing we're taking very seriously is the disposal of the bottles we had in the stores. Even though our polish was DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde-free, we don't want our stores just tossing it in the trash. We're using our internal shipping and distribution line to arrange a pickup and removal of the polish to make sure it gets done right.
So your fingers might not be toxic, but it's probably a bad idea to toss a bottle of the polish into your purse. [Racked Inbox]


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