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Banana Republic Wishes It Were Summer Already, Too

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Images via WWD

Banana Republic is launching a new capsule collection of resort wear in late March, and they're taking an interesting approach with it, as the line will remain in stock year-round in its stores in warm-weather areas and at a handful of other stores. For the rest of us, we'll see the Luxe Leisure resort collection during the traditional spring/summer seasons.

The 40-piece line is priced about the same as the regular Banana Republic collection, and includes "swimwear, tunics and other beachy attire." Simon Kneen, Banana Republic's creative director and executive vice president says Luxe Leisure will essentially be the same as the normal spring/summer collection, and the two bonus collections will go out to warm weather areas for fall/winter. He says the new line is "full-on summer with lots of bare skin and a lot more color."
· Banana Republic Launches Capsule Line [WWD, subscription required]