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Breast Intentions

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Hadley Freeman, the Guardian's fashion advice columnist, tries to explain why fashion doesn't care about boobs and winds up almost falling into last week's "Why I Hate Fashion" debate. "For all the accusations of narcissism with which fashion gets pelted, the industry has remarkably ­little interest in making people look ­attractive," she writes. "It's interested in making people look different. So when people complain that those £4,000 Balmain jackets don't suit anybody, they're just missing the point. Those jackets aren't about making anyone look good, they're about making you look like you're wearing Balmain. You see? Different." Oddly, that's almost the same argument her fellow Guardian writer Tanya Gold used to complain about fashion, but for Freeman, it's a point in fashion's favor, because it frees woman from having to worry about what men think about their bodies. Which is sort of liberating, even if that liberation doesn't extend to anyone's poor, squashed C-cups. [Guardian; Previously]