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The Olsens' New Website Re-Ignites Debate Over Smoking Models

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Images via The Row
Images via The Row

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Do you know why there aren't any commercials for cigarettes on the TV or radio? It's because tobacco advertising was banned back in the 1970s, and with it went iconic scenes of the Marlboro Man looking cool with his cigarette, or svelte woman balancing a Virginia Slims. These days, the American Lung Associate battles depictions of smoking in movies and printed advertisements, but what about the internet?

We ask because a Racked reader has just spotted a smoking model in amongst the lookbook on the just-launched website for The Row, the fashion line of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. She says:

mk and a's high end brand has a new website at but why why why include a pic of model smoking in your lookbook??....i'm very disappointed.

More shocking (to us, at least) is Ashley's description of making the website: ""It was a very hands-on experience, which I didn’t expect — it felt more like making a beautiful collage than a Web site team." She makes it sound so easy, like all we're doing all day is collaging.

Anyway, back to the smoking issues: are you at all shocked by it? Do depictions of cool people smoking have the effect they once did? We'd like to think that The Row's clothing should stand alone, but then the cigarette is the only prop they've used, so it must be important?
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