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Christian Siriano's Claw Shoes for Payless; Tavi's Hat, Diagramed

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EVERYWHERE—Christian Siriano has a tendency to send deeply insane shoes down the runway, then produce watered-down versions for his Payless line. You can't really blame him, Payless not being known for its directional vision, but it's still sort of thrilling to imagine his Nicholas-Kirkwood-meets-Alexander-McQueen unwearable platforms going for $49.99 at your local mall. As such, we're pleased and a little frightened to see that SheFinds just posted about Siriano's deranged claw-shaped heels as if they're going to show up in Payless for spring. Please tell us this is going to happen, O collab gods. [SheFinds via Nitrolicious]

PARIS—Crucial update in what is rapidly becoming our favorite fashion scandal of all time: Someone has Twittered a diagram of Tavi's hat at today's Dior show, and it suggests that she wasn't really blocking anyone's view. Consult the highly scientific forensic analysis right here. [SteffiSchuetze/Twitpic via Racked Comments]