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That's No Moon

Racked is no longer publishing. Thank you to everyone who read our work over the years. The archives will remain available here; for new stories, head over to, where our staff is covering consumer culture for The Goods by Vox. You can also see what we’re up to by signing up here.

Guardian writer Tanya Gold doesn't like fashion anymore, so clearly everybody who does is wrong in the head. Gold inexplicably talks about Topshop and libraries as though they maintain aura-sniffing attack dogs at their gates to make sure no one who has been in one can ever go in the other. Books or shoes, ladies, you only get one. "I believe [fashion] is one of the ultimate evils in the universe, along with yoghurt. It should have its own Death Star," she says. But how pretty would a fashion Death Star be? We bet it would be Swarovskied. [The Guardian, via Bryanboy]