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Biodegradable Shoes Simply Disappear When Out of Style

Simple Shoes image via <a href="">Treehugger</a>
Simple Shoes image via Treehugger

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Today in questions that had never crossed our mind: "How long do shoes take to biodegrade?" According to Thomas Briel of BIO-D Biodegradable Shoes from Simple Shoes, the average shoe sits in a landfill for about 1,000 years before it decomposes. Even if you're nice to your shoes and they survive to be vintage, even 40 years of wear seems improbable. So they're just sitting around taking up space for more than 900 years.

Simple Shoes' biodegradable shoe seeks to address the problem by making shoes that biodegrade in about 20 years, or approximately the same time as two cigarette butts. But Treehugger puts aside fears that they'll start to biodegrade while you're still wearing them. "The sole doesn't start to biodegrade until confronted with the anaerobic and aerobic conditions at a landfill," they explain. Awesome. Simple Shoes retail for around 90 to 120 euros, or about $120-$170.
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