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New Fashionista editor Lauren Sherman had a wildly different take than we did on this morning's article entitled "Why I Hate Fashion," by Tanya Gold. Her assessment: "Tanya Gold Hates Fashion Because She's Fat." Gold listed several reasons for turning against fashion, and even though we disagree with her and will continue to love both fashion and yogurt, she raised some good points. Sherman writes: "It sounds like Gold hates herself, and thus fashion" and seems to think Gold would love herself, and fashion, again if she just lost the weight. She also grabbed hold of the old "clothes drape better on smaller-sized women" chestnut. Having made a lot of clothes in our lives, we'd like to point out that clothes are draped to fit a body. If United Bamboo can build clothes to fit a cat, Karl Lagerfeld can build clothes to fit a size 16. Given what happened when Cintra Wilson made fun of J.C. Penney this summer, we're wondering if the comments section over on Fashionista is about to explode. [Fashionista, Previously]