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Episode 7: Wants, Needs, Fashion Orgasms

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You're must be trembling with excitement by now—the second to last episode of Bravo's Launch My Line season 1 aired last night and next week is the finale! Who will win? Not Louanna, because that nasty shrew finally bit it last night. Eleanor Strauss, Senior Fashion Editor of Lucky introduced the challenge: teams needed to produce a three-piece transitional look that could fit the Lucky "I Want, I Need" column bill. Outfits had to seamlessly transform on the runway from a need-appropriate—work, church, family functions—to a want-appropriate outfit for da club.

If nothing else, last night's episode finally showed the four remaining moguls truly partaking in the clothes creating process—hand-sewing, making patterns, cutting fabric. So that was impressive. Also impressive, Project Runway season 1 finalist Kara Saun appeared and her mentoring blew the useless DSquared2 boys' flacid mutterings out of the water.

As dictated by a pair of ridiculous game wheels produced by the same high school commercial art class that made each team's logo, Meryl's outfit needed to work at a company party but wanted to work for high society cocktails. Louanna had to go from a baby shower to a movie premier. Kathy's was headed to the same company party before hitting a club opening. And Eric's ensemble was meeting Merle's at the cocktail party, but its first stop was a religious service—yikes.

Kathy deservedly won the challenge with a whimsical adjustable-length skirt with artfully frayed hems, a tank and a jauntily-lined vest in red, black and a geometric zebra print. Eric again wowed the very California judges with a barely matching print mess accented by a beaded choker and a shapeless garbage bag trench. Merle and Louanna did not impress: Louanna's all-satin, all-pastel mess was more mother-of-the-bride pajamas than anything else. Merle's, however, had its merits—a pleated raspberry skirt under a darker tank-cum-dress and a reversible, feather-lined jacket; but they expected more from a team that's presents convertible looks each week.

So that's that, here now the top ten moments of Launch My Line episode 7:

10.) Eric has never heard of a bris. Really?

9.) And while we're on Eric—everyone's hysterical reaction to his having to design for a religious service was pretty classic.

8.) And then there's this: "It's going to be the biggest thing that ever happened in fashion! It's going to be tremendous!" Eric on his collection and more specifically the flocked velvet church outfit featuring a sequined choker. An outfit the twins and Kara Saun saw and were sort of softly horrified by. Gallina's response to the judges: "whatever;" to the confessional: "we feel like birds with our wings cut off." She doesn't seem so great at accepting criticism.

7.) "A cami isn't wow!" "Is it wow?" "Wow factor!" "Really wow." "That's our new word, wow!" Wow, Louanna, thank good we never have to hear you say "wow" again.

6.) Kara Saun might've been wearing tweaked DSquared2 menswear.

5.) Anyone else notice the way Meryl checked out that tray of pastries when she walked in to the studio? Right there with you, girl!

4.) A slightly loaded compliment: "Thai's a genius. I think I'm going to sabotage his sewing machine?Break his hand. Whack!"

3.) Louanna and Jim realized their jacket was so trim it was nearly impossible to get in and out of it—let alone reverse it—with ease. Jim, to their model: "it doesn't have to be graceful it just has to happen."

2.) And then watching the model on the runway struggling with with the damn jacket? Priceless.

1.) "I'm multi-orgasmic when it comes to fashion." Preach, Merle, preach.

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