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Buy Fashion Week Tickets, Help Heal Haiti

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When reports of the devastation in Haiti starting coming in last week, the response was quick and simple: Go to the Red Cross website, donate money. Then, groups like Fashion Delivers and designers like Alexis Bittar started organizing clothing drives and benefit sales, and slowly but surely, the fundraisers started getting more complicated. In terms of nightlife, that means we're suddenly seeing things like last night's Models Playing Ping Pong for Haiti event. And in terms of fashion, it means it's time for Fashion Indie impresario Daniel Saynt to send out a press release.

Saynt likes publicity, but we can't fault him for his plan to raise money for Haiti, especially since it's kind of brilliant: He's going to auction off all of his Fashion Week tickets. Saynt is asking designers to give him tickets to seats at their shows. Starting February 1st, he'll sell them via and give the proceeds to the US Fund for UNICEF and The American Red Cross.

Of course, there's a longstanding taboo against selling tickets to runway shows, but that's what makes this so diabolically clever. Any designer who donates tickets gets to feel like a really good person, whereas if this gains momentum, anyone who doesn't participate is going to look terrible. (It's times like this that we wish we had Kelly Cutrone on speed-dial, because she probably has some salty insights into the logistics here.) At the moment, there are no names listed under "Participating Designers" on Saynt's site; we're curious to see whether the list will fill out over the next week or two.
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