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Tattoos, PBR and a Fashion Show: A Very Williamsburg Gallery Show

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Last night the tattooed and their admirers descended upon Williamsburg's Cameo Gallery to celebrate the release of Tatted—a new coffee table book from photographer Marianne Bernstein and designer/publisher Brian Jacobson of GridCityInc. Spanning two years and three blocks in the life of Philadelphia's South Street, the book features glossy portraits of and handwritten notes by the tattooed characters of Philly's underground.

Bernstein's photos lined the walls of the small gallery—hidden behind the Lovin' Cup Café—which served as the backdrop for a preview of the Brooklyn Royalty fall 2010 collection, it's fourth.

Designed by Bob Bland—formerly of Triple Five Soul and Ralph Lauren Rugby—the denim and streetwear-focused collection featured hand-screened graphics, distressed dirty denim in coppers and silver-grays, flourishes of grosgrain, and a selection of waistcoats, blazers and tails accented with metallic overprints and velvet. The color palette was called "subversive preppy" by Bland—a good description for the golds, hunters, navies and dark reds on stage. In keeping with the tattoo theme Bland selected a group of her inked, Brooklyn-based friends to model for the night. And, a bit of fresh intel: she revealed to us that she'll be opening a Brooklyn Royalty shop in Williamsburg come spring.

Fueled by cases and cases of Pabst Blue Ribbon tallboys (last night was definitely the first time we witnessed models chugging giant beers) and a soul soundtrack by Finger on the Pulse, the motley guests packed the space with good vibes—despite the sobering effects of some of the photos. Tattooed scrotum, anyone?
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Cameo Gallery

93 N. 6th St., Brooklyn NY